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  Productive Methods is your value chain infrastructure partner.    Our mission: to integrate, extend and innovate for rapid time to value.

Your value chain: coordinated supply, production and distribution to measure and improve quality, performance, cost and reliability.

Productive Methods has hands-on experience in multiple vertical industries to help you with Business Intelligence (BI), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and supply chain integration technologies.


Key Benefits

Rapid, Shared, Easy, Measurable


Rapid time to value

Leverage existing supply chain information assets


Shared best practices

Standard best technologies for the extended value chain


EZ to deploy, learn, use

Get effective results fast throughout your value chain


Measurable effectiveness

Set and measure value chain performance targets



ProBiz Value Chain Integration


Integrate legacy applications

Leverage legacy databases



ProBiz Web Service Orchestration


Partner Orchestration for trading partners

Outreach Orchestration for customers and suppliers



ProBiz n-Star Closed-loop BI


ProBiz Outreach n-Way CRM
    ProBiz n-Way closed-loop monitoring